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Farm subsidies for all!

I figure the average quarter section in the cornbelt revieved $5000 in subsidies per year between 1986 and 2006.


Can you think of a good reaswon why every household in the USA shouldn't receive the same, annually?


I know Chelly Bachman says that the owners of those quarter are Real Americans and thus deserve to stand at the front of the line. What do you think?

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Re: Farm subsidies for all!

I think all subsidies should be ended. Nothing but market manipulation. Let the market decide. No more government chosen winners and losers.

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Re: Farm subsidies for all!

You tried to get out but they pulled you back  Smiley Very Happy 


To give every household $5,000 would cost the best part of $1 Trillion, probably less than the GM pension and bank and Wall Street bailouts in 2008. 


To flat out give each family $5000 , I don`t know what it would do exactly.  Some would pay on their debt, some would buy furniture..some would put it as a down payment on a new car and dig their hole deeper.  But in perspective $5,000 probably would only pay a family`s living expense for 1 month.  It`d be good, but it also wouldn`t exactly change anyone`s life.


Re: Farm subsidies for all!

After thinking about it it would work better to just make it $5000 for everyone listed on a tax return- pretty good business for the Duggars.


A mere $1.5T. Make it taxable and you take probably $300B right back. Put a multiplier of 1 on it and there's another $300B or so of revenue.


The reducto ad absurdum converse of that is that you take $1.5T of fiscal spending out of the economy, revenues collapse and everybody goes out of business. At which point those with well stocked survival bunkers would finally be rewarded.


But our morals would be improved.


Also, no moolah for non-citizens although they might benefit from the stronger economy.


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Re: Farm subsidies for all!

Ending ALL subsidies and letting the market decide would definitely change the environment, especially in the agricultural arena.

Sink or swim.  It would definitely make life interesting.

But for the dollars we in agriculture receive, we are held accountable for many reporting and compliance requirements.

Just paying out generic subsidies for all households is a total liability with no controlled return.  


Yes, those of us in agriculture have received a fair amount in program payments; however two things.

First, we've also had to comply with a myriad of program requirements and reporting issues and ag prices are often manipulated by incorrect data, speculators and political issues.  The program payments tend to balance this out a bit.


Second, go back and look at how much has been paid back in taxes:  federal & state income, real estate and property.  I calculated it, and the amount paid in as taxes far exceeds the amount received.  Even if I include the value of the crop insurance subsidy, we still paid back far more than received.  Then add in the vehicle taxes, and sales and other taxes paid which would be challenging to track and we far more stimulate the economy than the average joe, especially in the rural area.