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Farmers vs government workers

First know that all the hype about government workers not getting paid is false.  They received their last check so it they're out of money it's because they spent it.


Second, as a farmer I got a checks a couple times a year and some years it certainly didn't cover the cost of living.  I had to make do between checks.  We had a thing called a budget.


Third "the average federal employee salary was $84,153, approximately 50% more than the average private sector worker earned. This discrepancy increases to 78% when benefits are included. The average federal worker costs the government (aka taxpayers) $119,934."


Hardly people that should be broke after missing A paycheck.


Fourth, they will still get paid for NOT WORKING once this is done.  So they could borrow against that promised wage.  Not like a private citizen out on strike.

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Polaris Racer
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Re: Farmers vs government workers

For sure the sob story want to make you upchuck.
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Re: Farmers vs government workers

Have been "thinking" about this weehav, and don't want to ruin the post...


but, starting with a wheat farmer, puts seed in ground and WAITS 9 months for harvest...


       beef cow herd...have cow, then a bull or AI, wait 9 months for calf....then calf born live and decision, veal or feed or keep for re production,

which means MORE waiting for income...

and easily along the same line with other livestock, including dairy and getting the heifer into production...


granting pork production may have a faster return in some cases...


it's still a waiting game, and hopefully someone doesn't suggest getting a government loan, beginning farmer or storage facility loan because

that still takes some WAITING.


I have worked several jobs from government, filling station, oil production, driving trucks, working for farmers and dairies, since high school graduation,

then returning home and going to college, have had to WAIT for pay check a few times too, besides watching a crop get hailed out or a dead calf along

with other not positive at the moment events.


and NOW a governor who will be raising taxes to keep her promises...a w t (*)


I did that for Ishmael   lol

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Re: Farmers vs government workers

BA Deere
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Re: Farmers vs government workers

It`s being hyped up big time.  NPR is about close as you can get to wall to wall shutdown "news".  "Boo hoo hoo, pooor Lufwanda, she`s laid off her government job and they have to make a living on her husband Duwayne`s part time barista job.  boo hoo hoo"    A "non essential" government job and a husband serves coffee for a living...yup we need immigrants to "do jobs Americans won`t do".

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Re: Farmers vs government workers

if the crop got hailed out, or the calf died, the bank gets grumpy, in case you never been there.


Same goes for missed pay checks...


lol    uspostal raising rates!


to aid in covering retired employee compensation and retirement funding

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Re: Farmers vs government workers

Thank you for illustrating the problem with America today.

"What happened to last year’s crops. Your scenario should only be good for your first yr in production. However, the crap about they should budget and save is just that. Same crap as when Bush told poor jobless people to move to where the jobs are!! Nonsense!!"


When the things that made the USA great are considered fecal material by you communists it shows why we have so many problems.  My family has always saved and budgeted and when my family members couldn't find jobs commensurate with their skills they MOVED and got jobs where they were handsomely rewarded.

Indeed you communists trying to destroy the country advocate that illegals move here to get jobs but denigrate those who suggest people who already live here move to get jobs.

Typical left wing paradox.