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Re: Fast and furious WAS about gun control

Another, smaller probe occurred in 2007 under the same ATF Phoenix field division. It began when the ATF identified Mexican suspects who bought weapons from a Phoenix gun shop over a span of several months. The probe ultimately involved over 200 guns, a dozen of which were lost in Mexico. On September 27, 2007, ATF agents saw the original suspects buying weapons at the same store and followed them toward the Mexican border. The ATF informed the Mexican government when the suspects successfully crossed the border, but Mexican law enforcement were unable to track them.[2][20]

Less than two weeks later, on October 6, William Newell, then ATF's special agent in charge of the Phoenix field division, shut down the operation at the behest of William Hoover, ATF's assistant director for the office of field operations.[21] No charges were filed. Newell, who was special agent in charge from June 2006 to May 2011, would later play a major role in Operation Fast and Furious.[2][22]


The Bush administration worked WITH THE MEXICAN GOVERNMENT. They followed them TO THE BORDER, where THE MEXICAN OFFICIAL lost them. The program was then SHUT DOWN.


The Mexican government was never in formed of fast and furious.

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Re: Fast and furious WAS about gun control

Guys, whether Bush dod it too, is not relavent. The fact is this was a terrrible thing to do and someone should be held accountable. This also furthers my thought that W. and his repub buddies are no different than the dems. Oh my god I'm starting to believe in this Bilderberg theory now. LOL

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Re: Fast and furious WAS about gun control

Just as some of the holier-than-thou agents who thought this was a bad idea failed to do their job and track the weapons in F&F.  You get paid to do a job and you should do it.  Not just say it isn't right and not do it because others are doing it and you leave them high and dry!  If it was a bad idea for Obama to sanction this, then it was a bad idea for bush to sanction it.

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Re: Fast and furious WAS about gun control

It was a bad idea when bush did it, and Obama did it again, and expanded it, making it a worse idea. Maybe oversimplified, but the way I see it in as few words as possible.

Re: Fast and furious WAS about gun control

On most issues it doesn't bother me, but on some it does. The fact than when some people learn of something very corrupt, something that cost people their lives, that their governments been involved in, that the first instinct is not revulsion, but defense of party.