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Father's milk

Puppet master yanked the string. We are surrounded by dumba$$es. This is why no one takes you seriously. You will say and just believe anything.



The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine has issued guidelines that suggest employing such terms as “chestfeeding,” “human milk feeding,” and “parent’s milk” to promote what it calls “gender-inclusive language.”

The ABM position statement on “infant feeding and lactation-related language and gender,” co-authored by eight doctors and the academy, said that “the use of de-sexed or gender-inclusive language is appropriate in many settings.”

ABM recognizes that not all people who give birth and lactate identify as female, and that some of these individuals identify as neither female nor male,” said the four-page document posted July 29.

Suggested “gender-inclusive terms” for “breastfeeding” include “chestfeeding, lactating, expressing, pumping, human milk feeding.” Alternatives for “breast milk” include “milk, human milk, mother’s own milk, parent’s milk, father’s milk.”

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Re: Father's milk

If a person wants to call it fathers milk or bull juice who cares, right?

Problems is they want to force you to conform to their rules for thought and speech.