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Senior Advisor

Favorites from FOX interview

Trump: And then they come up with this 1619 Project. What's THAT about?

Wallace: Slavery


Wallace: We're testing 37% more people

Trump: That's very good!

Wallace: But 194% more are positive.

Trump: Crickets

Biden 2020 thanks you for the in kind contribution.


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Senior Contributor

Re: Favorites from FOX interview

And biden's FOX / Wallace interview Smiley LOL

Biden: My handler's say I too stupid to do an interview, I don't really know.  My handler's say I've been in politics for 45 years and so I had to accomplish something - what was that handler? oh yea, and I was smartest in my class so no need to be interviewed.

Senior Advisor

Re: Favorites from FOX interview

That 1988 stuff is going to get a lot of airtime before election day.