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Re: Fed Judge shooting

She would be ok with it as long as taxes were paid.  She said so

bruce MN

Re: Fed Judge shooting

Mail order Russian hooker bride hadn’t “worked out” apparently.

Hoping the manifestos he penned turn quickly into condensed versions and a TV documentary soon.

Absolutely 100% certain that there is an INCELer or 2 here who recognized his cobbleknocker extordinaire name when it popped up in the news. Got one of the in-laws who has a sophisticated geneaology computer program checking out to make sure my kids and grandkids aren’t related, their Mom and Grandma being pedigreed, but considerably and thankfully  “reformed”.

Senior Advisor

Re: Fed Judge shooting

So don’t you think that Sarah Palin was sort of a surrogate Russian or Thai mail order bride for the INCEL crowd?