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Federal framework set to arrest sheriffs


Time to keep your stick on the ice, boys and girls!  We`ve heard the rhetoric over the last weeks on "0bama can`t get gun control...this time.  Maybe he can get background checks but that`s it.  Boo hoo hoo hoo Smiley Sad"   Rambos say "come and get `em!"  Some sheriffs say "We would enforce federal laws" good for them, but oh really???    "They" are going to make an example of sheriffs in Colorado.  With the feds able to harass counties, believe you, me if a sheriff does hold out the county will be eventually worn down.  Elections DO matter and have consequences and the only difference between the current occupant of the white house and Joe Stalin is, Stalin had a moustash and was probably a better free throw shooter.


Meanwhile in China that flu deal they got is jumping to people, ja

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Re:great shot !!!

he is dicktater in chief and a typical demorat