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Senior Advisor


would say that the elections are the province of the states. Although that is one of those infinitely flexible "principles".

Sort of like the decision to not have a coordinated national coronavirus response. Just dump it on the states and set off the grift hunger games. 

But if a state that is left no other scientific option and imposed public health restrictions, that is verboten. Because they might threaten the stock market which was the Admin's only legitimate achievement to claim for re-election.

These are sick *****.


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Re: Federalism

Talked to my little Brother yesterday. A very understated individual (the other 5 of of us would ask our folks when he was growing up if he really wasn’t adopted or dropped off on the back step) and the only thing he had to say about this mess was “Weren’t the Republicans always about State’s rights?”.

Senior Advisor

Re: Federalism

Although probably not until the New GOP absorbed 99% of the Dixiecrats (and before it pumped the brake, it went to the floorboard, and they slid right off into GQP land).

Traditionally more similar to the actual Federalists- Washington, Hamilton, Adams etc. who wanted central banking, tariffs, a relatively powerful Executive etc. And they weren't going to put up with any nonsense like the Whiskey Rebellion.