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Feminazi manifesto of sorts

Taking on a bit of viralocity:

Kamala Harris's father is an African-Jamaican immigrant who is an emeritus professor of economics at Stanford University, her mother is an immigrant from India who was a breast cancer scientist who emigrated to pursue her doctorate in endocrinology at UC Berkeley.
Harris was reared in Oakland California where her parents were divorced when she was seven. She and her only sibling, a younger sister named Maya, were raised by their mother, growing up going to both a black Baptist church and a Hindu temple.
When Harris was twelve her mother accepted a research position at Jewish General Hospital in Montreal, Canada and started teaching at McGill University there. Harris graduated high school in 1981 in Westmount, Quebec. She later graduated from Howard University in Washington DC with a double BA major in political science and economics. She earned her Juris Doctor from UC Hastings College of the Law and passed her California State Bar in 1990.
Harris's sister, Maya, is also an attorney, from Stanford, and has served as the Executive Director of the Northern California American Civil Liberties Union. Both sisters married lawyers. Harris has two grown step children, Maya has one daughter, Meena, who is the founder of the Phenomenal Women Action Campaign.
When Kamala Harris was the Attorney General of California she appointed Katie Porter to investigate banking practices in California. The Katie Porter we all know and love, who studied economics with professor Elizabeth Warren. Get it?
There is a large group of the most educated, effective, clear speaking, visionary women in the world gathered in the United States to help lead us out of this pit we have been dragged into.
From medical science, to nation-wide economics, to experts who know all the legal loop holes being used by Trump and his hands-in-the-treasury cronies. This dynamic group of women are ready to clean up the mess and help build a prosperous future for AVERAGE AMERICAN WORKERS.
They have the grit and are fearless to face the slanders and lies that make male politicians shudder in terror. These women - and there are dozens and dozens - are tough as nails, and make no excuses for bad behavior. They know where the bodies are buried and they are willing to tell.
Kamala Harris is the vision of the future. This is the beginning of a dynamic chapter of healing and reviving America's dreams and strengths.
Get the vote out! Be inspired! Believe in America's Future. Confidence is in the air. Have faith in the American people.
"We have a criminal living in the White House, a predator, there is no doubt about it. Justice is on the ballot in 2020."- Kamala Harris, during the 2019 Democratic debate.
Biden-Harris 2020!!
-by Elaine Estelle Suranie


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Re: Feminazi manifesto of sorts

so in this alternate reality, Willie Brown gets shoved under the bus?