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Re: Finally justice

if it's funny schnur, read this so you can get another laughing attack..

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Re: Finally justice

What to do with these people?

Another murder-suicide yesterday among the alt-righters in S MI- a hotbed and the approximate area where the Feds busted a bunch for terror plots a few years ago.


Thigs like that are no-wins for everybody since it predictably turned out that they were just a bunch of dummies who had gathered up some weapons, murmered vague plots, maybe had a few crude explosives and for the most part were probably more a threat to themselves and each other than to anyone else.


However I'd note that if the above described were vaguely leftist in nature, there'd be little protest about the feds busting them- which they did with various groups of dummies around Occupy and elsewhere.


But anyway, I'll go way above and beyond to give our troll troupe the benefit of the doubt and say they're not dumb enough to do anything themselves.


But the talk does have consequences.

at first I thought you

might be referring to the dismissal of charges against another 40 Inauguration protesters.


I don't expect your fat ### to jiggle over this but it is actually too funny- judge dismissed because the prosecution withheld possibly exculpatory evidence filmed by James O'Keefe's Project Veritas.


BTW, anyone who observed that dark day when the new POTUS uttered his dark authoritarian vision and there were mass roundups resulting in felony charges and wasn't chilled was already a fascist.


Even nice old church ladies who said "but he has such nice children."

Re: Finally justice

1. Pardon doesn't erase the guilt.

2. They actually broke laws........ poaching and then started a fire to cover up the original law breaking. Which shows they knew they broke the law and then with malice tried to cover it up. I don't have a lot of time for people like that.


Probably the best would have been that they did restitution and maybe a few months in county , or public service.


Making heroes out of common thugs , the new right wing manifesto. 

Re: Finally justice

In the "how could I be so stupid as to even engage" category, I always agreed that the mandatory minimums meted out in that case were probably excessive.


Although 100% of the Bundyites are in favor of those, having been intended to be applied to Bad People. They just can't believe the gubmint thinks they were ever intended for People Like Us.


The Hammonds were convicted by a jury of their peers (a constition-y thing-y)  and the case stood up under appeal, so you assume there were no reversible errors in process and procedure.


End of story, gavel down and sentenced as the law requires.



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Re: Finally justice

The Hammonds get 5 years in prison for setting a back fire that put out a wild fire which was going to destroy their property and the government wasn't going to do anything about. Mean while ms-13 gang members get sanctuary in progressive lead cities. And Donald Trump gets accused of being a dictator in charge of concentration camps.

overcharging is also a problem

Perhaps the Feds should have decided to bring charges that would not have had such severe and irreversible (well) consequences if they stuck. 6 months in County probably would have been about right.


And sometimes that results in not getting any conviction at all.


As Carl Hiaasen*, who knows a fair bit about FLA law enforcement, said about the Zimmerman case- despite the inexplicable failure for the locals to not take it to a grand jury to begin with, the Feds came in and overcharged by going for Murder II.


They probably could have made Manslaughter stick and getting a few years is a lot better than creating (another) dangerous precedent for whackjobs.


*sad to see that Hiaasen's brother was one of the Annapolis victims.

Re: Finally justice

if only the Hammond's would have had a little more melanin,then all would have been kosher.

Re: Finally justice

Perhaps they should have appealed based on incompetence of their counsel


because the Jury of Their Peers that convicted them didn't believe that story.


Not that it needs any proving but what you're saying is that you're in favor of harch mandatory sentencing and no judicial discretion- just not for People Like Me.