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Fine line

It is going to be interesting to observe how the Barr/Trumpists in Congress investigation of the CIA and the previous administration goes.  Fine line to walk, allowing the natural conclusion to be reached and still keep the spectacular in the RW ether. 

It’s worked on a number of matters, but none involved anything potentially  prosecutable.

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Re: Fine line

Bruce, did you ever take a college course in composition of any sort? I cannot imagine a high school teacher, let alone a college professor, letting you out in the world with your inability to put together meaningful prose.


What exactly does "keep the spectacular in the right wing ether" mean?


Also, how do you die hard democrat types feel about Omar and her fictional marriage schemes? No comment?



Re: Fine line

I’d rather that you justify/explain that you don’t know prescisely what I meant. 

Omar probably has the same protection that the “I could shoot somebody on 5th Ave” guy professes to have. 

The remedy for her is a better option presented to voters in theMN 5th by the GOP. 

Senior Advisor

Re: Fine line

In other words you and the house dems have no concerns about any wrong doings by Miss Omar. Just like Virginia dems have no concerns about racism when it comes to their governor wearing black face or the Lt governor sexual assault of women. Got it.