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Re: One thing you need to answer

didn't think so.

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Re: One thing you need to answer

SAM  -  How  many  times  I  was  told  -  Yu'll   Never  Pay  for  IT  at  that  PRICE  -   -   -


SO  where  do  you  cut  ,  defense  or  of  course  NOT,  or  the  BOOGIE  man  Com E T H  - cause  we  have  boogie  folks  on  the  border ,  as  of  2019  -   -   -


Welfare  -   Medicare  -  Medicaid  -  NO  WAY  -  I  earned  it ,  and  those  darn  country's  with  public  health  care like Scandinavian's  and  Europeans ,  Japanese  make  U S  look  bad  -   -   -


Corporate  Welfare  - T I F,  tax  exemptions ,  gimmies  ,  NOPE  -   -   -


FOOD  STAMPS  -    NO   WAY -  pay  $25.oo  /  minimum  wage  -  are  you  crazy  -   -   -


TARIFF  -  hard  luck  payments  -  NOTA  ?   SO  WHERE  THEN  - ?  

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estate taxes are, for sure

a matter of socialist social engineering.


They don't provide huge amounts of revenue in the long run.


The point is to make sure that lil' Don Jr.s and Ivankas don't rule over our children and grandchildren.


Got a problem with that?


You'd think that real farmers would recognize that although maybe not libertarian rural lifestyle types.

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Re: estate taxes are, for sure

Democrats care about Trump’s tax returns more than yours