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Veteran Advisor

First Term.....Last Term?

Are Omar's chances of hanging on to her congressional seat slim or none?

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Senior Advisor

Re: First Term.....Last Term?

Up to the voters in her district although I imagine that there will be a fair amount of outside money, perhaps on both sides.

If she does lose her name will just be added to the long roll of political figures whose careers ended when they crossed he Israel Lobby. 

Echoing the present moment, a few were Jewish.

AIPAC will take a Christian Zionist any day over a "self hating" Jew.

When you look that up in the dictionary I guess you'll find a picture of Bernie.

Veteran Advisor

Re: First Term.....Last Term?

is the campaign advertising guy she is sleeping with, Jewish? If he is, this whole sordid affair probably ends up as a Hollywood movie.

Think Halle Berry will play Omar? Maybe she can repeat that walk she did in James Bond, wearing a Hajib.

bruce MN

Re: First Term.....Last Term?

Internal MN 5th matter. I doubt there would be much of a problem finding another Dem who could hold the seat. Probably could just draw one out of a hat. 

Good base fuel though.  Might keep some guy in rural Idaho from voting for a Muslim. 

Senior Advisor

Re: on that note

BTW, a Scott Walker dark money front group and now the MI GOP are suing to block the bipartisan citizen redistricting plan that the voters strongly approved in the last election.

Unconstitutional. No idea where "the courts" go with that. The argument seems to be that the people are disenfranchising the parties' right to decide.

I need to note that "The Squad" isn't a bug but a feature of the system, but anyway. There probably aren't 10 districts in the country that would have elected Rashida Tlaib* the first time, maybe ever. But that's a place where they crammed as many Democrats as they could (including a lot of Arab citizens) in order to keep some neighboring districts more "competitive."

If districts were drawn on a fairly general geographical basis- there's be a few oddities with enough population density like AOC's in Brooklyn or some very rural states that would still be heavily tilted. But for the most part there wouldn't be a lot of squad types, Nunes (a product of the reverse function) types etc.

Over time, in more districts the people who sought nomination would learn that they had to be less crazy because they'd face the real possibility of losing in the general.

*Have no idea what would happen to Tlaib in a less gerrymandered district but she's running her office very well and is obviously whip smart.

BTW, MI is one of those states like WI where the GOP holds both houses perennially with well less than 50% of the total vote.