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Re: canada

Does the monarch have no power, or does the monarch chose not to excersize her power. Don't all law have to be approved by the monarch? Does the monarchy have control of all of Canada's international affairs? Who is the commander in chief of your military? Can the monarch order Canada to war if she gets in a tiff with the queen of Luxemburg? Isn't the monarch the owner of your passport, meaning you come and go at her pleasure? In the usa we operate under this theory the authority of the government is derived from the people, in Canada isn't authority derived strictly from the consent of the queen? Isn't the monarch required to be of the church of England, no Jews, Muslims Catholics, or atheist need apply? Doesn't that discriminatory mix of church and state torque your shorts? In America even a muslim, atheist from Kenya can become head of state.
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Re: First Tunisia, the Egypt now ??

  My only logical response would be if we prop up their dictator and fortify his military, it would be counterproductive to supply any arms there that could be used by any resistance to that dictatorship. That's exactly what I meant by conveniently located arms being found by the people in their uprising. Either they would be used for a justification for a swift response, or they would be used to facilitate the placement of a new dictator.

  The foreign policy folks supported Mubareck right up until they didn't and are supporting the new replacement dictator they are trying to usher in. Why else would they continue to prop up Mubareck, and then suddenly walk away? That would defy logic and also their previous support, wouldn't it?

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Re: Tom violence and guns etc.

  How many revolutions throughout history have been successful, or lasted without violence?


  I can't think of any.


Riots in Wisconsin.
bruce MN
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Re: usa

Presuming here that you've got the backs of those noble and righteous freedom seekers   



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riot no protests yes

Where did you get riots peacful protest againt a Governor who think he is a dictator

Re: usa

Cheddar bullets at the crowd.

Re: riot no protests yes

Must not have enough motivation. Print this off for them.

if they still won't riot

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Re: if they still won't riot

Hello Greece, we are you. Now some one pay for my health care or I am going to start throwing rocks.