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First anniversay of the death of Benny Mohammed

Benny, a Yemini immigrant, was the former operator of a struggling 7/11 in Schenectady who happened to look just like Osama Bin Laden. In 2002 his life underwent a drastic change when he received an offer he couldn't refuse.


Life was pretty good for 9 years, hanging around in the villa in Pakistan, playing World of Warcraft on the X-box, eating dates and honey and making an occasional campaign commercial for George Bush.


Then suddenly, one day in April 2011, things changed drastically.


  Oh well, beats selling Big Gulps.

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Re: First anniversary of the death of Benny Mohammed

Did you forget to include a link ?


Re: First anniversay of the death of Benny Mohammed

Yo! Henny...or is it Lenny?  I got it, but if the rooms you plan to play are anything like this one don't give up your day job.