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Senior Advisor

Re: Speaking of which, 3020, given the ....

... shortage of baby formula & all, and give your plans for an extra million orphan babies, maybe you should get started with your hormone treatment so you can be a wet nurse to half a dozen or so.  After all, it's the least you can do, given your insistence on them all being born.  Just think of it as doing your part.

   By the way, 3020, you've got an X chromosome, which means you've got all the genetic information to generate ovary tissue and probably even a uterus.  I'm sure with a little bio-engineering we can get you right in the baby-making business.

  What do you say, 3020, don't make the women do all the work, it ain't fair.

Senior Contributor

Re: "Chest feed", tell me 3020, how is it that ....

Senior Advisor

Re: "Chest feed", tell me 3020, how is it that ....

Tell us trickyDick when a man has breast cancer does he magically turn into a woman? Does his johnson suddenly dry up and turn into a hole?