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Senior Advisor

Five day cycle

for Big Bertha to keep dropping the bombshells on the Dennison camp. Only need 12 more, and there's more than that in the armory.

One underappreciated fact is just how horrible the Clinton campaign was in '16- they massively underutilized the oppo that was laying right on the shelf.

As I've said, it won't touch people living inside the bubble but it will keep the opposition off balance and playing defense.

BTW, I probably shouldn't mention this but if the 50M members of the base would take a few moments away from owning the libs and sent $27 a piece to the campaign, that would be $1.35B. Even after the Trump family and all the attached grifters skim off half it would still make a huge difference.

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Senior Advisor

Re: Five day cycle

When is Stinky Fingers Biden and Matress Harris going to explain the virtues of the green new deal, open borders, and tariff free trade with china? How about more on getting rid of the statues of the founding fathers and how this whole defund the police thing is suppose to work?