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Senior Advisor

Five of Senima advisors resign saying, ....

.."we shouldn't have to buy our representation".  Now there's a woman who has totally gone over to the dark side.  She got elected professing some of those very "radical"  ideas she now refuses to support, childcare, medical care, etc. She was a "big proponent" of climate change mitigation & environmental protection. But she's finally hinted at her real demand, not one dime of increased corporate taxes.

  She would make McConnell and the republicans  proud, oops, wrong party!  You have to wonder, was she lying all those years in the Arizona Legislature and in Congress, did the corporate lobbyists finally get to her, or did she just decide to take the payola and cash out?  

   You wonder what makes people like that tick?  Actually, now you mention it, where have we seen it before? Yeah right, trump's narcissistic personality disorder.

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Senior Advisor

Re: Five of Senima advisors resign saying, ....

She goes home to her district and listens to how her constituents want her to vote. They want jobs not handouts.