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Fixed income not fixed taxes

We live on a fixed income now.  Social Security doesn't rise in proportion to our taxes though.  Each year we face a property tax increase, somewhere between 3 and 8 percent.  Partly because our little county and one town feel the need to compete with wages and schools in Des Moines.  

A recent school build cost over $30 million and added over $500 a year to our property tax.  More than ½ or that building was for entertainment and had nothing to do with education.  In addition our teachers who control the elections demanded a 4% increase in wages each year.


I'm not against education, my children have masters degrees, I attended college as did my wife.  


But this average 4% increase in property tax will double property taxes in 17 years.  Seems like a long way off but the 17 year old graduate at age 34 with a family, house payments, car payment and medical will have double the property tax that we have now.  If the idiots keep building gold plated jails and schools that doubling will occur in 9 years.  


And this is important because neither SS nor wages in the private sector are keeping up with local government spending.

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Re: Fixed income not fixed taxes

Respectfully. What would be the source(s) of your fixed income? That is a serious consideration in assessing your complaint (a very real problem that many do indeed face).

Are you relying on SS alone for income?

Studies have shown that over 40% of Americans don’t have the wherewithal to come up with $400 to deal with an emergency.