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Flooded Australia

Some days it seems like you just get jokes from friends by email.

Tonight I found this interesting.

Note as well as link to pictures.

Check the link at the bottom for the pictures

Giday all, These pictures don't really show the worst of the flooding really. 
Where you see the choppers lined up one crashed just after that photo was taken but no one was seriously hurt.  Another chopper crashed today and the emergency Government Jet got hit by lightening, I guess that isn't a drama really unless it crashed which I don't think it did. 
The rain did stop for a few days and then the last 2 or 3 days it has been fair pouring down again and I mean it has been coming down like sheets and not just pouring down.  There is water everywhere even greater than these photo's show, there have only been about 10 known deaths (I say known but there could very well have been more that no one knows about either from snake bites or just washed away out to sea even) so far which is pretty amazing really.  Things could be worse eh.  I was talking to a mate of mine in the town of Marybough which is now just starting to go under water, Rob lives in a higher part of the town and the water is now just under their house, lucky it is a high set Queenslander, Old style of house built up high.  These floods are the worst on record and now higher than the great flood which came through in the late 1800's.
In this report attached it must have been a fairly old as in days old and someone has said it stopped raining 5 days ago, maybe they hoaxed it because it has been pouring again here since Friday and windy.
A cow was found washed up alive on an Island 20 miles out to sea, just think they will most likely call it lucky and when it stops raining and all dries out they will kill it and have a big BBQ, yea lucky, there have been major stock loses.  There is another worry for the folks in the north (really mid Qld Coastal area is the hardest hit) and apart from the snakes the Crocs are now in areas you would hardly ever be likely to see crock's so there is no way you would catch me wading through the water, also if you are wading through the water a snake is likely to climb up you as well because they want to get out of the water to, there was a picture in the paper of a snake hunter with both arms full off the deadly king brown snakes and blacks and browns the other problem is the western Tipan could be in with the ones washing down, if you were to get hit by one of those it would almost be bye bye time.  They were all good size ones as well, imagine in days to come people will be finding snakes in the walls of their houses and in the roofs etc, oh well the one good thing about them ........ they only bite when they close their mouth's Smiley Happy.  To the West St George (about 6 hours west of us) has set up a new earth wall around the town because the river is coming up higher than it ever has.
Apart from the over 6 Billion dollar, (estimated) loss to the coal industry now the railways are washing away as well, bloody hell, they normally run trains about 3 miles long from just inland Qld to the coast and the ships are backing up out at sea which are scheduled here for pickups of coal.  All the crops have been lost, we had friends stay here over the weekend who are from Dalby, about 1-1/2 hours west of us and they were telling us that all the crops were lost there over 2 weeks ago in their area.    The premier was on TV talking about all of the roads will need to be rebuilt along with the railways.  So out of this some good must come, think of the jobs it will create.
The salt mines, yes they do exist will not be producing for quite some time to come, because the dams they use to pump the sea water into and the the water evaporates off to leave salt behind are all destroyed, so they are forecasting a wide shortage of salt as well.
For sure we do get floods here at times but these are the worst I have seen.  It has just come over the TV that Gympie is about to go under as well with the forecast now that river peeking at 9 meters about the banks plus that will send more water down into Marybough.  They are putting Brisbane on High Alert from Medium alert, they are saying that this could be worse than the 1974 floods but shouldn't be as bad because of the Dams they built after that flood, H'mmm now those dams are already full and they are letting water go already and have been for the last 2 weeks, now how are these dams going to stop the floods again when they are already full.  They are telling people who are living in low laying areas of the Brisbane city to move to higher ground.
Oh well that'll do you for now.  Other wise I'll bore you to tears.
Keep safe everyone and take care, John
It is just started sheeting down again and this is 7.40 p.m and it has been like it most of the day ...... h'mm bugger eh.
Queensland and NSW floods - The Big Picture

Some amazing photos in here:

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gough whitlam

Re: Flooded Australia

Bill  -  The demise of me because of the floods is greatly exagerrated.  I am high and dry.  All what is said in that letter is about true.


Those snakes he named are a few of the most deadliest snakes in the world.  Of the 20 most deadly, 11 live in oz.  tread lightly.