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Florida voting

CBS reports the results two days before the election takes place.


Early voting has just ended in Florida and election day is on Tuesday, August 18th, but that hasn’t stopped CBS12 in Palm Beach County, Florida from posting their election results in the 2020 primary election.

President Donald Trump and Republicans have warned of voter fraud and voter suppression in the 2020 presidential election, so could CBS12 pre-election day, election results be a sampling of what is to come in the coming months?

How can CBS12 be reporting the election results before election day? Or better yet, why is CBS12 reporting 100% precincts reporting 48 hours before the polls even open.

Here is a screengrab of CBS12’s election day results page on their website:

Regardless of how they came up with these random and “fake” vote counts, the existence of the results and their listing on the CBS12’s news website is troubling, especially when they state that results are indicative of “100% OF PRECINCTS REPORTING.”

How can any of the precincts be reporting considering that they haven’t even opened up yet, and technically speaking, it’s against election laws in Florida for any of the ballots be open before election day?