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Flying Nun chimes in

on Sam Bee.


Maybe she should be deported back to Canada on a truckload of rebar?

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Re: Flying Nun chimes in

No no no no. We want her front and center. Give her a bigger microphone. Give her a prime time talk show. She's the gift that keeps on giving.

BA Deere
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Re: Flying Nun chimes in

Just when I think you guys hit rock bottom, you find a deeper hole.   Please people, if you haven`t clicked on the link, don`t waste your really is rock bottom.  I don`t recall anyone saying something like that about the former president`s daughters....that`s how far and fast  this thing is digressing.

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Re: Flying Nun chimes in

It is confirmed …  you people are all slime.

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Re: Flying Nun chimes in



I completely agree with you. Given the choice of a tolerable status quo or an angry and out of control clown circus for running their government, most people will choose the tolerable status quo.


Note only the operative word, “tolerable.” It does not imply either approval or even any functional value for the status quo (i.e. Trump Administration). It just means that people prefer the devil they already know to an alternative that seems stark raving mad.


Bottom line: If you like Trump and wish to see six more years of his policies/appointments/executive orders; then you are cheering for much more of Samantha Bee, Michelle Wolf, Kathy Griffin, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, Keith Olbermann, Joe Scarborough, the entire cast and producers of SNL/CNN/MSNBC and the NFL players association. The snarkier, more vulgar, more nakedly biased, and nastier, the better.


Sometimes, getting lucky with your given political adversaries is all that is needed to achieve success.

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Re: Flying Nun chimes in

I did not wast my time with it......The left has stopped shooting themselves in the foot.....Now they are putting the 12 gauge to their heads....Truly a bunch of sick people....

Re: Flying Nun chimes in

I don't approve and find it counterproductive anyway.


As well established here, it is the right of her employer to terminate her if they choose.


Particularly unhelpful to create any sympathy for one of the world's most detestable individuals.


The younger generation needs to see who their elders have chosen as their permanent future overlords.

Back in the day


before El Presidente was washed in the blood of the lamb- double dunked by Jerry Jr. and Franklin- he no doubt used that sort of language all the time.


Not that I agree with Bee using it- it is the height of folly to serve up red meat to the legions of trolls who are on a daily mission to prove a vast conspiracy against good people.