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Re: The definition of the verb, "pass judgment".

Again, the Jesus way.


snip-How does a Thanksgiving tradition last for 63 years? One such tradition started in Rush County in 1947 and still continues today. The annual trip to Mountain Mission School in Grundy, Va. is still alive and well and will be happening again this Thanksgiving weekend.


The roads have improved, the traveling time is much less, but the mission is still the same: to share the love of Rush County and surrounding residents with the less privileged children living at Mountain Mission School. In the beginning, three Rush County residents made the trek and found a need for clothing, shoes, money and love existed in that small Virginia town.


Over the last 63 years many people have made the trip and today the need still exists. In the early years shoes and clothing were the most needed items. Many can remember the day when our parents and grandparents would stop by Kent's Shoe Store and drop of a donation to put new shoes on the children of MMS. Many of our local churches would have a special offering which would go towards purchasing a washing machine or clothing for the residents of MMS.


Mountain Mission School was founded in 1921 and accepts children who have lost one or both parents, children whose parents cannot provide for them and those who are wards of the court. The school receives no money from the government and runs solely on donations.


Each year local residents gather donations and take them to this very special school and residence located in the Appalachian Mountains. The donations include raising money for shoes, washing machines and dryers, specialty items and more. The school sends a list of supplies that are needed by the children on each dorm floor and many of those needs are filled each year. School supplies have been donated by Harcourt Outlines over the years and taken down as well as any supplies needed for miscellaneous projects that need to be repaired while the Rush County group is there.


For example, one year the group maintained all school vehicles by changing the oil and giving them a tune-up.


While at MMS there is a lot of time spent with the children. The children are provided with popcorn, snow cones, cotton candy, cider, cookies, banana splits, and milkshakes — all from donations from the Rush County community and made by the Rush County group.


Balloon bouquets are made and used to decorate the dining hall. A balloon launch is a highlight for the children as well. Decorations are hung for Christmas and money is left for the seniors of the school to take a senior trip before they graduate from the Mountain Mission School.


For 63 years the love and caring of our community has been shared with the many children that have gone through the doors of Mountain Mission School. Many wonderful memories have been made. This year, as in the past 62 years, the love and memories will continue.


 If you would like to donate money it can be dropped off at any Rush County bank marked for the Mountain Mission School Project. If you would like to provide a birthday party for one of the students a $20 donation will provide them with their own special birthday cake and a special gift on their birthday. For more information or to make a donation of items to be taken to MMS contact local organizer Jerry Kent at 317-339-5286 or e-mail More information on Mountain Mission School can be found at

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Re: For Mr. Kraft

$262k ?  That ought to be enough to pay off one victim of pediphilia. You will p[robably donate to that as well and then deduct it off your income tax. Now we the people are subsidizing pediphilia. What next?

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Re: For Mr. Kraft

Mr. Kraft, I have this on the linear format so I'm not sure who you are responding too. If it is to me I have no idea what you are responding to.