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For supporters expecting a new or re-opened....

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BA Deere
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Re: For supporters expecting a new or re-opened....

I`ll go back to my Cummins Filtration factual story in which a oil filter company moved from Lake Mills, Iowa down to Mexico and 500 good living wage jobs were lost.   That wasn`t 'widgets" it was basically a greedy company that thought they could replace $20/hr US jobs with $2/hr Mexican jobs, no to mention the more lax environmental and safety regulations.   That Norway to China to the US to Mexico widget crap is just a red herring.

Re: For supporters expecting a new or re-opened....

I haul auto parts for a living and can't for the life of me figure out how anybody makes any money with all the freight charges on a widget. and the funny part is we have to have 53 ft trailers to haul a pickup load on.

Re: For supporters expecting a new or re-opened....

BA Deere
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Re: For supporters expecting a new or re-opened....

We don`t have to made eeeeeeverything thing here to have fair and sensible trade.  Many of those components on the Boeing plane are made in the UK, France, India, S Korea..well those countries aren`t in the top 5 of countries that rip us off on trade 



five trading partners also have the largest deficits. (Please note that the Census provides trade data by country for goods only, not services. )

  1. Canada - $576.7 billion traded with a $15.5 billion deficit.
  2. China - $599.4 billion traded with a $367 billion deficit.
  3. Mexico - $532.1 billion with a $60.6 billion deficit.
  4. Japan - $193.6 billion traded with a $68.6 billion deficit.
  5. Germany - $174.8 billion traded with a $74.9 billion deficit


Not implying that all that has been done doesn't severely affect millions of people who are being transitioned downward on the economic class scale. It's why for all practical purposes somewhere over 70% or so of those who became engaged in the early stages of the electoral process supported either Trump or Sanders. I see it all around, have been personally and familiarly affected, have been seen as a pariah by any number of acquaintances over time (long, long before this recent political season) for as much as even bringing it up  Most particularly for my criticisms of what was becoming of the D party under the Clinton, Rubin, DLC "New Democrats" etc.


My firm contention is, however, that there are no available solutions, no room for any...ZERO... discussions on the matter under a political regime that is centered around ethnic nationalism. Bannon-Putin Inc. The populism that seemed to be there in the Trump campaign was never any more than a veil for that, to be administrated by oligarchs and demagogues.


What obviously is sitting out there now, having come along much, much more rapidly than anyone could have thought it would but always on the table, is a goodly portion of the "holding" wing of the current plutocracy, staging for a run for the exits.


Our  near future depends greatly on the actions of those companies and institutions, most critically the United States Congress, in regard to the choice of going along in hopes that they get a seat on the train, or to stand and attempt to resolve.


You're a big YouTuber/Netflixer Take a few hours sometime and ding up Dr. Chivago.

BA Deere
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Bruce, immigration has to be part of the equation in the solution, otherwise every job brought back and every job created in the US, it will only go to a immigrant.   Look at the whole "jobs that Americans won`t do" shtick and look at the changes in the meatpacking jobs from 30yrs ago to now.  +30 yrs ago blue eyed guys named "Anderson and Johnson" worked at packing plants and bought houses and put their kids through college, today people with questionable legal status work there and don`t make enough so the taxpayers must subsidize their paychecks.

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Re: For supporters expecting a new or re-opened....

definitely disruptive.  Should be implemented in a phased manner if its going to be, and I would have it based on something tangible.  Such as the environmental and regulatory arbitrage that takes place.   Much of free trade is just creating our pollution outside the USA.  Is that really what the fruits and nuts want?


How do you reconcile your agreement with Kunstler and his "world made by hand" with the desire to oppose Trump's protectionism?

Re: For supporters expecting a new or re-opened....

Points for rational discussion. Not to be resolved by Bannon world disorder, forced turning. That only exasperates.