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For the 10th time

A narrative about American Carnage in the Heartland.

"Pork Producers" were all in for breaking the meatpacking unions who were maybe skimming half a cent a pound off their profits.

At Storm Lake, after a few years of over 100% turnover of scab labor and plummeting productivity, Hispanic folks who were willing to stick and glad to have the pay started showing up.

Like NAFTA and China WTO, farmers are neck deep in this.

Even if they did "vote for Perot, Buchanan, Paul."


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Re: For the 10th time

Is that what the UFO strikes were all about?

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Re: For the 10th time

So it was the hog farmers that broke the meat packing union??  Smiley Happy


If you dig into it, the Grocers Association that writes  (or okays) Farm Bills and dictates what they`ll buy and for how much from packers.  The packers take it out of the producers, now they deal with Murphy Brown or Christensen instead of 300 individual hog farmers in each county.  


But if farmers supposedly have all this clout, they ought to flex their muscles on the grain companies   Smiley Happy

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Re: For the 10th time

You're jumping decades like the bouncing ball on Sing Along With Mitch.


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Re: For the 10th time

"Jumping decades"?  Dude, you`re the one that posted a 1995 article about a 1981 packing plant closure.



Summer 1995) pps. 244-259
Turning the Pork Industry Upside Down: Storm
's Hygrade Work Force and the Impact of the
1981 Plant Closure