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Re: For the forseeable future, no more R presidents

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Yes Bruce,


Among others. Trump’s foundation is not unlike that of Bill Gates’, Warren Buffett’s, Oprah’s, George Soros’, the Ford’s, the Waltons, the Rockefeller’s, and Mike Bloomberg’s foundations.


They are all set up with the intention to legally shield enormous amounts of assets from the IRS. When it comes to the top 1%, folks like Donald J. Trump and Michael Bloomberg or Oprah have a great deal more in common with each other than they do with any of the 310 million American minions living beneath them.


F. Scott Fitzgerald was quite right. The rich are not like you or me. And Ernest Hemingway was also correct in responding (apocryphally) “Yeah Scott, they have more money than us.”


Okay, so the above is not exactly a profound revelation, but you get the idea. Which of course, is not to say that those living in the top 10% (a.k.a. Investor class) are not making out under the likes of both Obama and Trump. Assuredly, they are.