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For you conspiracy buffs

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Re: For you conspiracy buffs

Actually Kennedy signed an executive order to bypass the federal reserve     That kind of says it all.



If you`re really interested, Mark Lane has done very extensive investigations and written books on the JFK assassination

I have a hard time

deciding who to believe- the Warren Commission or my lyin' eyes.


The best kersplat frame is around 313, then his head definitely is driven to the left and back. The killshot came from the right and slightly to the front. A piece of his skull goes skidding across the trunk in that direction and Jackie goes chasing for it.


I'd also suggest that the since there's nothing shiny and metallic inside the crania of most people that it was a mercury loaded round- a good make sure for the cleanup hitter..


I'm guessing but imagine the most amazing thing is how badly they screwed the whole thing up. Surely the secondary shooters would have been told to melt away if it was clear that the first shooter(s) got a good headshot.


Also hard to know what happened with Officer Tippit/Oswald but can't imagine that he was supposed to live.


Nevertheless, here we are 50 years on. So if there had been a clean first shot and a dead assassin, would it really be any different?

and the CBS thing

Wife had CBS Morning on and they did a nice little fluffy (but very sad and serious) piece about JFK concerning the limo.


Interviewed the curator of the Ford Museum where it is on display and he was telling a bit about its interesting history, including the fact that it was flown back to the White House garage immediately where it, of course, had to be stripped and refitted at once.


I didn't say anything but watched my wife (who thinks I'm a kook). Her jaw dropped and she said, "you mean they didn't preserve the evidence?"



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Re: For you conspiracy buffs

Just watched an excellent new documentary. Using new computer techniques it seems clear that Oswald discarded a dud used as a safety and fired two shots. One missed, one hit Kennedy and the senator in front. A secret service man in the car behind stands up with an assault rifle and falls back as the cars accelerate. As he does so the gun goes off, sending a frag bullet into the President from a totally different angle.

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Re:New bookout "the last hundred days of JFK"

or a name similar to that. One of his group wrote the book about changes Kennedy expected to do if reelected.

Withdrawal of advisors from Viet nam,  The generals were want troops sent to VN and kennedy was opposed and other things of import.


Thoughts of making the moon shot a cooperative effort with the soviets in an effort of cooperation with the hope of treaties to end cold war. None of which was in the public arena but progressive thoughts in the innermost circle.


The author was on bookTv this morning on cspan2. Sorry i can't rmember that authors name or the exact name of the book.