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Veteran Advisor

Foreign policy...what policy ???

I think that is the key...dont have

One so you can straddle both sides

And always be right !!!

Example...syeria...(i know i cant spell)..turkey is moving right in,

Killing the very people that helped

Us with isis....with trump saying

They didnt help us in ww 2...huh ??

Now women and children being



Lord have mercy...we're sending

Troops and high dollar advanced saudi arabia....

Hmmmm same place that has all

That oil and money....where they

Could buy the quipment and

Defend themselves...oh yes...where

They get rid of reporters they

Dont like, and where were some

Of those that did 911 come from ??

Same with did up get aid.

And lets not even talk about

Trade (or lack thereof).... told trump is/was such

A business mastermind...oh really ?

Look at everything....ask how much better things are...and to

Think he only went broke 6 times !

Silly me....worrying how to pay

The bills....trump didnt....and look

Where he is at !


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Senior Contributor

Re: Foreign policy...what policy ???

If you arent happy not spilling enough American blood for foreign interests, please feel free to strap on a gun and take your happy @$$ over to Syria and join in.  

If you need help getting there, let me know.

Senior Advisor

Re: Foreign policy...what policy ???

Elcheapo it is inside of syria. They didn't come here to help us, Obama went there to help them. It's their country and their war. If we are there we are accused as recruiting more terrorist. At some point syria has to stand on it's own. We can't be there forever. We have to focus on keeping the terrorist from entering this country.

Senior Advisor

Re: Foreign policy...what policy ???

And don't forget -- Syria doesn't want us there, and Turkey has been a NATO country since 1952.  Doesn't make things better, just pointing it out.

bruce MN

Re: Foreign policy...what policy ???

The Kurds do. The Turks are slaughtering them wantonly. 

Yes. Not better. 

Senior Advisor

Re: Foreign policy...what policy ???

And so you want to risk American lives to save the Kurds. How many? What is the number when you say we have given enough? And then where to next?

Senior Contributor

Re: Foreign policy...what policy ???

If Obama and Kerry cared so much about the Kurds, why did they arm the rebels who formed ISIS trying to oust Assad?

And then why did Kerry admit that they thought the armed ISIS was growing in strength and would cause Asad to negotiate?

Curious....ISIS who they armed and were allowing to build up and who brutally murdered any infidels wasn't a threat to the Kurds?

And if they thought that ISIS was growing in strength enough to threaten Assad, why did they call them a JV team?

So many questions for you foreign policy

Senior Contributor

Re: Foreign policy...what policy ???

McCain meeting with the Free Syrian Army...lololol.   They just happened to be known radicals who formed ISIS.  So please bring the BS that Obama didn't arm them or know who they were.  And yes, McCain is just as evil.

Veteran Advisor

Re: Foreign policy...what policy ???

You people make me laugh....

Where your mind is at....god

Only knows.

Well for all those so worried about

Spilling american blood in syria...

So what makes it different and ok

In the namesake of the saudi's

((Didnt you know we sent more

Troops and high tech weapons...

Because we didnt have a battleship

Available....did rush forget to

Tell you ??))

Also as far as syria...seems a number of republicans supported

Having troops there... And defense

Secy quit in protest. ..

Can all these people be wrong ?

Funny...didnt say anything about

Trade agreements... But oh... He

Is going to get even with everyone

He is going to sue them...for

No reason...oh he is going to

Impeach senator pepsi...ahhhh

Maybe since you are need to read up

On how things work... You cant

Impeach her !!!

Keep on chasing you tails...some

Day you'll catch it !


Senior Advisor

Re: Foreign policy...what policy ???

How many American lives are willing to sacrifice is syria before calling it quits? And for what are they to be sacrificed?