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Re: Former Republican Gov.

I don't know if you saw my post on something related at Business. That particular one was very much climate change oriented so I just wanted to make peoples' heads explode.


I think the Chinese leadership really doesn't care about climate change, nor do they care a lot about the health of their people.


They care about climate change insofar as it keeps them integrated into the global conversation but mostly they are simply aware that their cities are nearly uninhabitable and they have nowhere to go except somewhere else. And, have taken the opportunity to be the world's cost leader in wind and solar.


They also don't care about their citizens' health so much- they promoted smoking for many years- a practical solution to the demographic problem when you don't bear much of the cost. But again, commerce requires the country be minimally habitable.


As trade and military tensions with the US heat up, I think they probably do care that their primary strategic import exposure is to US grain and oilseeds (and with recent history of a US "embargo" via ethanol). And like Saudi Arabia and oil- the US is the swing producer, regardless where you source the stuff.


Don't know, but as I said before. What if the entirety of the globalist neoliberal agricultural policies promoted by the inbred class in the ag econ departments, usda, corporate lobbies etc. got it wrong?


Seems a more reasonable topic in the wake of Brexit and the general trend of de-integration of the global order.



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Deja vu

I`ve read this script a long time ago on how the Bilderbergers with the New World Order wanted to wean us off meat for people control.  I thought "they" might`ve given up on it with all the big hog outfits that went up and chicken & egg factories that came up with apparently Dr Evil`s blessings. Now the pedulum is swinging back to that "go vegan and save the damned world crap", oh they`ll dredge up the studies of how everyone on the planet can not have the "luxury" of eating meat, "there simply isn`t enough land in the world for inefficient carnivorous diets"  and since we`re all supposed to be "citizens of the world" one race, one/no religion...all that damned crap it`ll effect the US too of course.  I`ll maybe have to start defending hog confinements as the "lesser evil" going forward Smiley Frustrated


Re: Deja vu

As per my comment about heads exploding.


I said I don't really think the Chinese PTB care about that a lot- all things being equal if the peasants can make a buck and it keeps people content it would be fine with them.


But it might actually be in their geostrategic interest as the Great Game heats up.



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Re: Former Republican Gov.

So you think China(Russia for that matter) don't care about climate change? No chit shurlock. They are absolutely laughing their arses off when we limit our economy with increased environmental regulations. China has 10 new coal fired power plants in the works. Germany has seven. They are poised to crush us.

Re: Former Republican Gov.

As were The Commies back in the day, before The Warmers became much worse.


Come to think of it, Daddy Koch was a Bircher, so pretty much the same bunch pulling the strings.