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Fox News aiding Obama?

Inetersting theory  if nothing else. But might explain why Daniels and Christie aren't interested in getting into the  the race for the GOP nomination when both, if left to determine and project their own identiy could quite easily win, with things being as they are. And would probably be  good at the job.


I'm not a regular viewer. Have Buddy Roemer or Gary Johnson gotten any face time or mention on Fox? If not, that would validate what the writer is saying in the article.




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Re: Fox News aiding Obama?

If Newt is the nominee and wins the Presidency, that shows how deep the "haterd" for Obama is.  There is a lot of negative fodder to be used against Newt.  If I was Obama, I would be scared to death of running against Bachmann.  Oh I know she can`t name the leader of Ubekibekistanstan, but neither can Obama, that just isn`t a door he would want to open.  Running against a woman would be tough, he did run against Hill, but Michele in a national election would be a whole different animal.  I`m not a Fox viewer, but it seems they give Ron Paul a fair shake  in coverage in clips I`ve saw ie, Judge Napolitano and such. What does Roemer and Johnson bring to the table that Paul, Huntsman and Obama doesn`t already have covered?  That`s probably why the media ignores them, they don`t say anything to diffentiate themselves enough to get into double digits.