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Re: You've got a good read on that

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bruce MN wrote:

This is a sweep to the dust bin.  Something that the institutional GOP and conservative movements would like to put behind them and move on from.


It caused cultural and religious conservatives to be required to tolerate the debauchary andobvious running bang shop that came with the Palin family.  Caused serious conservative ecoonmic policy wonks to have to stand off to the side and watch as the "know nothing" ethic was marched out.  Caused serious, albeit misquided IMO, foreign policy conservatives to have to stand off to the side and listen to all of the Russia talk.


And it was an insult, in the end, to the people that those fools Krauthammer and Kristol and  other neocons on that cruise ship had taken for rubes.  That they could put lipstick on bad, failed policies and get the public to buy it.


The scariest part of it all is how close they got to making it work.


I've heard that the HBO movie Game Change captures the whole thing very well.  Has anybody seen it?

Be nice to see just a little of that same type of outrage directed at Robert Menendez who pays some slimy pimp so he can boink his 16 year old child sex slave. That's fine though because he wants to take away guns to protect the children.