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bruce MN

Fracking investment post by nox

He linked this below:

Those sinners obviously didn't get the memo about Gov Fallon's state wide prayer breakfast for gas and oil.
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Re: Fracking investment post by nox

BTW, doesn't matter to the refiners, pipelines etc. It is the investors in the equity and debt of those entities that get fleeced. And yes, until the money dries up there are some jobs.


Like a lot of things, it can be counterproductive to rely on too simple a model.


Peak oil and the Hubbert Curve is true, more or less, insofar as conventional reserves are concerned. But as far as tight oil there's as much as you want, it is just that you can't afford it. Or more accurately the price that it takes to make it work, probably north of 100 and 6, doesn't work in the broader economic model.