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Frank Lutz

who is a loathesome toad of a political operator, fwiw. But anyway, my wife watches CBS Morning and he's parlayed himself into a good gig there where he acts as an objective political observer who leads focus groups on various political issues.


Today it was the Middle East and I was particularly impressed by one prosperous looking white dude who got himself worked into a lather about how "we need to send in the SEALs and kill them all."


Seems to point rather directly to the danger of what I've observed- that calling soldiers heroes (rather than just soldiers, which is a satisfactory and honorable descriptor) just gets soldiers killed.


It's troubling that DoD propaganda has been so effective that there are apparently lots of people out there who think we have these GI Joe Supermen who will produce kill ratios of 100:1 (still probably not enough SEALs at that ratio) whenever barstool generals give the nod.


As with Iraq and Afghanistan, for lack of strategic vision, all it does is get SEALs killed, regardless how many bad guys they kill. The saddest thing is that if you glorify them enough there are those who will take it on.



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Re: Frank Lutz

Who is the Commander In Cheif? Who invaded Libya? Who is giving Iran a pass? Who is great pals with the Zionist bankers, media, ect.? Answer:_____________________

Who voted for that POS? Answer: Look in the Mirror.

Re: Frank Lutz

Sheldon Adelson?