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Frau Schlickmeister is All Wet

I was in Des Moines this afternoon. The same time as the Hill was flapping her gums at Lincoln High's sweat box gym. The sky changed from sunny to ominous black within 15 minutes. Right about when she was getting ready to head to the airport, the sky opened up and dropped 2 inches of rain in ten minutes. The winds were 65 miles per hour, blowing the rain sideways.


I was heading down Fleur Drive at Watrous, when a police car blocked the road.  Poor guy got soaked.


The small line of cars went right in front of me. I gave them the "one fingered peace sign" and then followed the line to the airport, where she boarded Air Force Broom. 




Here is the circus parade and the amount of water on the street. I bet she got soaked getting in and out of the vehicle. 😄




I guess that "somebody upstairs" didn't take a fancy to the Hildebeest. It seemed to focus the rain right on top of her, the whole time. Down by Indianola, it was dry as a bone. 

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Re: Frau Schlickmeister is All Wet

This website is a huge waste of time. Your post is a larger one. What does it say? What does it mean? Maybe you are saying God is acting? Maybe you are just flapping your fingers and shooing pictures that could be taken anywhere it rains? Back to the premise - a waste of time. Stick to driving your bus and protecting children. That's a great thing you do. This...not so much.

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Re: Frau Schlickmeister is All Wet

Rain and sunshine means rain tomorrow.

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Re: Frau Schlickmeister is All Wet

So did you get out of your car to ensure those people saw your 1 fingered salute or were you a coward and gave it to them while your hand was on the car seat? 


BTW, pretty juvenile thing to do.  You and dump are very much alike.

Re: Frau Schlickmeister is All Wet

Would you have done the same if Trump's motorcade drove in front of you?


The First Amendment is stil alive, as of today.