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Veteran Advisor

Re: Free cell phones

Well, good.  I stand corrected.  It is good that you are doing something for your less fortunate neighbors even if you didn't know it and are doing so against your will.  If you really don't want to be helping millions of fellow Americans, get one of those phones or drop your cell service.  You grew up without one and survived, so you can do it again.

Veteran Advisor

Re: Free cell phones

1)  I knew it was on my bill,  You asked me WHERE on the bill, and I said I didn't know where, but it was there somewhere.


But thank you for admitting you were corrected.  Frankly, I was unsure if it would happen.  You may be a bigger person than I first thought.


2)  Why does my blood and sweat have to go to provide something I didn't have, and have since earned, to give to someone who didn't earn it?  I have nothing against helping the 'less fortunate', it is the lazy, and addicted that I don't worry about.  Weed them out, and I'd be all for it


OR, instead of just either paying a tax that is issued against my will, which I belive is being done to others against theirs, I could bring it to people's attention, and get the law repealed, or at least changed to something I would be happy with, rather than either dropping my phone, or just paying for things I don't agree with.