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bruce MN

Free pumped from both the left and right.

Or at least from what is popularly defined as the "left" and "right":




Teaser SNIP to maybe get the O haters to read:


Three things to note:

1. The “forces of globalization” he refers to are not acts of god, whether Yahweh, Juno or Joxer. They were created by the Clinton- and Rubin-crafted CAFTA and NAFTA treaties. If a god did it, that god also caused a certain blue dress to need a dry-cleaning it never got.

2. If Obama doesn’t say what he just said in that room, he doesn’t get a Rubinite dime for his next political campaign. Period. This is his application speech.

3. Never forget that if Oklahoma knuckle-dragger Sam Walton were in that room, or not-America-first Steve Jobs, Obama would say those same words. “Most of us are strong free-traders.” It’s the tie that binds the left and the right. Bind yourself to Obama economically, and you’re tied to the Waltons. Period.




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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Free pumped from both the left and right.

I only took time to skim the story, so what I`m saying may or may not pertain to it.  All the problems this country has today is due to "free trade", including the election of Barack Hussien 0bama.  Our trade deficit...that is self-explanatory.  The explosion in entitlements...people don`t made a "living wage" then they have to go on the PUBLIC dole to make up the shortfall, that raises the national debt and creates a downward spiral in a country`s moral values.


Free trade creates the huge disparity between the top CEOs and the common laborers in companies, that is a recipe for communism, socialism or whatever you want to call it. Free trade was supposed to decrease illegal aliens, but it`s had the opposite effect.  Reagan had the first real push for free trade, granted 3 million illegals we ship our factories overseas and now 30 yrs later we have +11 million illegals looking for amnesty. 


Mexico and Canada`s economies used the be in the shltter, but look at `em after NAFTA..hell now they`re borrowing us money!  We got royally screwed over NAFTA.  Look at pictures of China 30 yrs ago compared to now, back then they were on bicycles living on a handfull of rice, now it`s full of skyscrapers.  30 yrs ago I never heard of a "Walmart" now the damned things are all over the place.  We got royally screwed with this free trade crap.