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Freedoms lost

More freedoms may be lost if repubs get their way.  Borrowing from the repub play book,  how long will it be before this applies to everyone traveling on public transportation?  Sen. Hatch wants all foreigners to be fingerprinted at the airport as they leave the country.

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Re: Freedoms lost

Re: Freedoms lost

Sounds good to me!  All foreigners should be fingerprinted, and forced to run the 100 before they are allowed on a plane.  I mean . . . give me a break . . . what freedoms do we have now? Believing we are living in a democracy, where only the muppets do the dying, go broke, lose jobs, and are poorly educated is not a democracy.  


Do you really believe this is your country, think again. It is just another country accelerating toward third world status where everyone pays a price but those who run the show.  What do you own that cannot be taken away by the government?  I can only think of one thing, and most would readily sell it for a free subscription to Net Flix.  That one

thing they cannot take from you is your "free will" and "all you have in your mind." 


Obama "the magnificent" knows how to bend the republi-can'ts over the counter, he is well schooled in Chicago politics.  By the time he leaves office "the middle class" should be eliminated, and the conversion to "The United Socialist States of America" will be complete.


The republi-can'ts have no viable candidates, Obama and his "Rough Riders" are running these guys out of town on a rail.  Soon, he equalization of wealth will accelerate and the attitude of "what yours is mine" will be complete.


Welcome to the USSA, where only muppets now reside and as long as they can watch the TV and let their brains rot, they are happy.   They will readily, render the salute "sig heil", when the dictator stands before them on the balcony.  We are a corrupt nation, we have a corrupt government involved in manipulation of markets and news and is intent upon lowering a meager standard of living to nothing.  


Success in their minds is to eliminate individualism in this country, adopt the "Rodney King" mantra . . . "can't we all just get along", as they work on dumbing down American's and youth to a point they will accept the directives without question coming from the "Leader". 


Adios Amigos, John