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Veteran Advisor

Re: What the heck....more....

Those weren't teleprompters.  They were breeze blockers so it wouldn't mess with their hair!!

Senior Contributor

Re: What the heck....more....

What really gripes me is how they think that's supposed to make Obama, less of an orator than their clowns! It really shows how petty and simple minded they are, and the  AgOnline intellectual chimes in, in support! What an idiot! Sorry, Craigo, your not nearly as bright as you claim to be.


BTW, you mentioned a problem with your arm. I'll bet the story about that is entertaining? More of your intelligence shining through, I'll bet!! LOL!!! Didn't that chain saw have a warning label on it? Shouldn't be operated by people of lesser intelligence? Or, how about, maybe in Spanish!?? HAHA!!

Senior Contributor

Re: Look at this.....

Knapper, I have it on good authority that that is not a teleprompter in your picture you posted of G. W. Bush.   That is a flying shoe shield.

Senior Contributor

Maybe it's because.

Only Obama need a teleprompter to talk to kids.  Or maybe it's because he says nothing but ah, ah, ah, ah, ah if he doesn't have one.


Senior Contributor

Re: Maybe it's because.

Oh really? Apparently sometimes he does, sometimes he does not. Regardless, apparently it is not therefore a "need." You want me to post a bunch of speeches where he is not usint a teleprompter?...cause you know I can. I might even find some with one of your GOP hopefulls or heros talking to kids with a teleprompter if you want. Read on down a few threads to see what I say about their use.