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Senior Advisor

GOP coup?

we're right in the sweet spot where the GOP has to decide if it wants to ride with the most unpopular and vulnerable incumbent in history (at this point) or make a mad dash for something else.

Plutocrats and corporatatists will have to take the pulse of the unwashed base that they've hoodwinked and make their play.

I think they're trying to figure out how to get Romney in there. I don't see Pence as a winning horse.

Although........AG Barr's diatribe to the ND Law School against "secularism" indicates they do plan to play the religion card- having abandoned patriotism- the other refuge of scoundrels.

Maybe the white supremacist themes have gotten us all prepared to be Mormons this time?

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Re: GOP coup?

Senior Advisor

Re: GOP coup?

Just can't accept the fact that Hillary lost the election can you. Well suck it up hippie. You lost.