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GOP health care proposal

said to be coming.

One problem is the simple fact that the GOP caucus is more fully owned by all the status quo lobbies than the Dems and there isn't a way to make them and the majority of the people happy.

Dems tried that with a reworked Heritage/Romney plan and while it is mildly popular, nobody claims it doesn't have severe flaws. At best it is only a mild improvement, overall, for our previous non-plan plan.

Trump being Trump I can't imagine it being anything other than an opportunity to further inflame division-and if he's lucky, be able to peel off a couple percent of the vote, probably with memes about how the other side are socialists and hypocrites. Never been otherwise so why expect anything else?

While it is true that I won't vote for him under almost any circumstances, let's see it. Here's a chance for some real leadership.

Again, Trump being Trump it is impossible to imagine anything other than peeling off a few key constituencies and stoking fear of "socialism" in as many people as possible. That's simply as far as the thinking goes.

One thing he could do- and they're already working on this through the back door- is to make it possible once again to create select risk pools and offer cheap insurance to healthy people. That is right in the wheelhouse of this constituency here. The problem is that he'd just go from 98 to 99% with that constituency. Actually, might hold the small percent of farmers who were otherwise wavering. 

Would, I think, probably drive any D nominee back to the center for the general election. Which would please all the medical lobbies.


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Re: GOP health care proposal

This is only hypothetical because I don't think it will happen.

But I'm open to a "conservative" alternative.

Although I do expect a pathway for everyone to have access to coverage, which maybe isn't conservative.