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Senior Contributor

Re: dear mealy mouth

You poor dumb dope, the Republicans got their asse$ handed to them! The President won by 5 million votes, and the Republicans in the House were out voted by over a million.




Senior Contributor

Re: dear stupid mealy mouth

i clearly stated states ---ck the states as to gov-- house and senate seat --i know you were too busy trying to spell cuss words and teaching your kids and grandkids how to act to stupid to see ----but you clearly showed them !!!!GOTCHA--now kiss the wife with that folthy mouth and always remembwer a person who cant speak withpout cursing has a very low iq or self esteem or both --DOUBLE GOTCHA for the weekend LOL

Veteran Advisor

Re: Pat Boone on Obama

Don't tell me, you "Dixie Chicked' someone like Pat Boone???

Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: Pat Boone on Obama

I wonder how many elderly women went to the voting poll booths and cast a ballot for Romney and Ryan while their die hard liberal metrosexual wannabee husband was sure they were voting for that progressive ticket of Obama and Biden?


I imagine not a lot, but still a statistical number. Elderly women far outnumber elderly men so Romney and Ryan must have won a good deal of the older female vote to reach 60% of that demographic.


For all we know, the three amigos and the amigo wannabees may have closet conservative wives.


That would be funny!

bruce MN

Re: Pat Boone on Obama

And as that demographic shrinks and boomer experienced and conditoined "sorta old ladies", with their ecomocic struggling adult children and  grandchildren, become the new "real old ladies"......