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GOP sleaze


As noted here, Gov. Abbott can probably insulate himself from the Trump U kickback, unless something else turns up, but he did it at the cost of protesting vehemently that he did in fact do is job and protect the people of Texas from fraud. Ahem.


Although the urgency of installing the Pale Savior and Natasha in the White House probably overcomes that.


Also check out SarahPac which appears to be keeping Ms. Palin in Gucci but not much else.


Probably one of the greatest faux news scandals of the day was IRSgate. Of course many of the flood of PACS registering as "freedom" something were scams. You can't have tens of millions of suckers just waiting to fork over their money and not draw scam artists like flies.

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might need a grand jury on tis, though


Although Gov. Rick "often indicted, never convicted" Scott will probably do everything in his power to avoid it.



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Re: GOP sleaze

After all this time I`m still amazed that the left does not understand the popularity of Trump...well, I guess I do, for you guys to understand it would destory the narrative that has been decades in the making.  Trump`s not perfect, but neither was Reagan(amnesty free trade), Bush #41 (industrial war complex lap dog),  Clinton (crooked, bimbos and BJs in the people`s house...and alot of unexplained deaths that were convenient for him),  Bush #43 (too nice of guy to a Democrat party that hated him and was unfortunate to be president during a turbulent period shift)  Obama (a black communist that is aloof, hates America and white people...huge chip on his shoulder).


Now with President Trump, he isn`t a pecfect person and I don`t know what kind of president he will make, the only other previous predent that I nailed from the git-go was Obama, I had his number from day one.   The only guarantee I have is President Trump will be nowhere near as bad as Obama.


Trump is a basterd and plays hardball, but this Trump University deal is nothing anywhere near the shenanigans of past presidents...actually if that`s all Salon can come up with on Trump, he is a saint in comparison.


As I`ve said many times, i`ve eaten alot of shxt sandwiches for the GOP as they tried to expand their tent in directions that i didn`t want.  Trump saw those unfilled gaps and filled them in ...and expanded the tent with Independents and other non-voters and some blue collar Democrats and the sensible GOP.  I can tell you what the issues are, but I`m sure by now you guys know...I`ll  be happy to repeat them, if someone has been living under a rock.

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Re: +1!

Very well said! Hammer has met nail. 


Re: GOP sleaze

I'm still holding at 30% that he won't be the nominee, another 30 that the GOP won't grow a backbone but just slink away and let him sink.


I would imagine either will be regarded as "the great betrayal" in the beerhalls of the land.


Paging Lindsey Graham

to explain the disconnect in his statement that " a time will come when love of country trumps hatred of Hillary."


That doesn't work when dealing with Real 'Murcans Who Hate the Real 'Murca.



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Re: Paging Lindsey Graham

The real muricans? Is that those who burn the American Flag and fly the mexican flag?


Re: RFK...1968

Won't matter though.


As per Kahneman's observation that when people get caught up in the emotion and make bad decisions, they don't experience regret- they blame somebody and move on.


That was made abundantly clear at the height of the financial collapse. And it didn't hurt that youtubes magically appeared all over the net that neatly placed blame elsewhere- and on the usual suspects (black people and the gubmint).


That is now historical fact at this site and out in Hooterville.



bruce MN

Re: Paging Lindsey Graham

Catching on nicely to the MO that will be the pattern for the campaign.


Trumps spokespeople are coming out calling Ryan, McConnell, Gingrich etal racist for their pointing out that Trump's comments regarding the Judge are classic racism.


You get to do it, but if called on it "you started it." Cool.


You do certainly prove yourself to be a quick study.