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GOP ties to Russia and Ukraine?

Nutjob says he'll kill his primary opponent if it appears she will win. 


A little-known GOP candidate in one of Florida's most competitive congressional seats was secretly recorded threatening to send "a Russian and Ukrainian hit squad" to a fellow Republican opponent to make her "disappear." During a 30-minute call with a conservative activist that was recorded before he became a candidate, William Braddock repeatedly warned the activist to not support GOP candidate Anna Paulina Luna in the Republican primary for a Tampa Bay-area congressional seat because he had access to assassins.

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Re: GOP ties to Russia and Ukraine?

What does one crazy guy have to do with your title?

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Re: GOP ties to Russia and Ukraine?

May be an image of text that says 'AND NOW FOR THE 6:00 NEWS 町 T'

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Re: "What does have to do with Russia .."?

Quote, " a Russian and Ukrainian hit squad", Braddock's words.