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GTO- Michigan Prop 6?

Correct me if I have it wrong here.


You have a single private toll bridge from Detroit to Canada that also has one of only two duty free designations so it can sell gasoline for huge profits.


The billionaire family that owns it have bought influence and blocked any competing public bridge for years.


Finally, Canada agreed to just go ahead and build the thing on their own dime and the Governor supported it.  The Marouns (owners) are spending an estimated $20 million- maybe only a fifth of what they make each year but more than both sides spent on the 2010 governors race- for a vote on a constitutional amendment to protect their bridge.


Polls show it close- which in my view a win for them  would confirm my belief that the state of Michigan is ten years ahead of the USA as far as progression to being a banana republic.


Like I said, what am I missing?

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Re: GTO- Michigan Prop 6?

Sorry, for not getting back sooner, nox, with all the bs flying around, this was shoved back on page 4.

All I can tell you, is the mega-bucks have been flying from both sides, we were told, oh boy, Canada's going to put up the money for the whole thing. Next we were told it would cost $10 million for the check point on our side of the bridge. We've been told, how broke the state is, but yet Snyder and his minions want to put up this bridge, well, I'm not about to vote for a bridge so Snyder can put his name on it.


Beyond all the rehtoric from both sides, I read traffic was down on the bridge that's already there.

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Re: GTO- Michigan Prop 6?

The proposals are a nightmare here this year.  They are always confusing.  I'm am going to try and vote against anything that constitutes a change to the state constitution.  Hope I get it done that way.  They always word them so it is hard to tell whether you are voting for it or against it.  That fact, in and of itself, tells you any given proposal probably isn't a good idea if you can't figure out that a yes is a yes and a no is a no.