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GTO, your former congressman

 I would assume, or close to you.


The honorable Mike Rogers, former FBI agent, fast riser in the GOP caucus to the Chair of the House Intelligence Committee. Tough looking square jawed white flellah, got a lot of face time in the news shows.


Mr. Rogers quietly chose to retire in 2014. It happens I guess, but rarer than a blue moon for people with a good gig in a solidly gerrymandered district.


So a little huh?


Then enter the (very hot) 2nd Mrs. Rogers, who around the same time resigns from the top of the lobbying world- head of Governmental Affairs for the Mannatt firm- and any mention of her existence is scrubbed.


Hint- Claire Underwood doesn't voluntarily retire- double huh?


Turns out that Mrs. Rogers former gig was as CEO of Aegis Defense Systems where she landed a $10B government security contract for the firm. And further turns out- and in fairness there's a bit of plausible deniability shrouding this- but seems that firm was active in Libya around 2011.


So my take would be that the Hon. Mr. Rogers was a useful fellow who suddenly outlived his usefulness.


He now does some sort of RW talk radio gig and is a national security comentator for CNN- has a series coming up.


Neither he nor the delectable Mrs. R will starve. You may be disappointed but as long as you play along you'll be taken care of.


Or I imagine you'll just plain be taken care of.



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Milligan Hay - Iowa d:^)
Veteran Advisor

Re: GTO, your former congressman

Sounds almost like Sen. tom (vomit) harkin. It is the spouse that runs the graft racket. She was a lobbyist/ board member of lots of outfits, like ConocoPhillips (oh the humanity , global warming) , converting her relationship to her husband for exceedingly obscene compensation. 


Hillary and Bill, they are the Grand "poobahs" of graft.