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Geez, another disaster for the Teagophers

Well, I have got to say, people you've managed to give the Democrats a flyin' head start on 2012!! LOL!! Now all you have to do is send Sarah Failin to head of the class for President, and everything will turn out fine!! For the Democrats!! LOL!!

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Re: Geez, another disaster for the Teagophers

better ck the polls oh so not great one ----5 in the gop are ahead of obummer now and the list is growing

Veteran Advisor

Re: Geez, another disaster for the Teagophers

  The two sentences below say it all. The wrong people got screwed over, and the whole premise of busting a union contract, along with nullifying the outstanding pension obligation was the sole purpose. It's not like the demand for GM made cars would suddenly disappear, but their debts and contracts were supposed to.


You had some correction, but not the correction the free market would have created


the United Auto Workers union retains inflexible contract provisions, which give it too much say in GM's decision-making and entitle the union to health care benefits of the sort that have been wiped out in other bankruptcies.