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Re: Genuine Billionaire smells rat

Yep, great contributions from a Mensa member.  Good thing your mommy has money eh? 

bruce MN

Interesting twist

Pot shot at Puke and his Hillary obaession in there that you might appreciate, btw:





Re: Genuine Billionaire smells rat

BA, for the record you don't get margin calls on a put spread. Anybody who doesn't know that probably shouldn't be farming today.


I could sit around and complain about the gubmint if beans go to $8 this fall but I'd prefer to try to put a floor above breakeven and get it for myself.


It's called Personal Responsiblity.


Further BTW, a lot more smoke than fire today unless you happen to be holding old crop beans. If you are you're back to about breakeven with where you could have sold them last July after carrying cost.


Old crop beans and meal might very well continue higher, might not. If higher then it is justice, if not it is the gubmint.

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Genuine Billionaire smells rat

I`m sorry, I didn`t read your option strategy, your title sounded bearish and Hobbyfarmer said "3 posts to support your bearish stance?"...I`m flat out prejudice against bears, because they tend to talk you out of ownship of your grain (you have an option strategy, you only risk them expiring worthless) .   There`s a nice bearish guy ocassionally on the market page, his name ryhmes with "Jay" but everytime he comes on 2 weeks later the market rallies.  He touts the pennies of the basis when the market rallies quarters and half dollars and blows that nickel basis moves all out of the water.  Yeah, widen my basis 5¢ and i`ll take the 40¢ rally on the board, thank you very much...gimmee a break.