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One of the poster children on how to handle the situation and they certainly have the testing capacity to know, which we don’t.

Cases triple overnight following easing of restrictions.

Maybe Jen’s more dour view will win out over mine.

On the bright side you knuckleheads may want to be field strip your AKs and get them oiled. The Big Boogaloo May be coming.

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Senior Advisor

Re: Germany

Back to conversing with the small reality based remnant.

Since I have endeavored to deal with this matter in as honest and straightforward a manner as possible, I'll note this is only a single data point and it will take a few days to be sure.

And Germany can handle it as they- they have huge testing capacity and a plan to regionalize any return to social distancing orders.

But if it turns out to be the case then we are forked. That is a technical term I last used back in mid-March when reporting that tens of thousands of Americans were returning from Europe with no tracing or testing.

We don't have the testing capacity to get ahead of those sorts of flareups which means they'd spread even further before being recognized.

And of course zero Federal leadership.

If this turns out to be the case the Dow ought to drop 5-10K points, implied Fed put or not. Although last time it took its own sweet time as it surfed on Fed cash.

The 'Rona calls the tune. All humans can do is adapt to that fact.

Senior Advisor

Re: Germany

Official easing of restrictions in Germany was 5/7.

So if this is a valid data point we can assume it is already percolating here, hither and yon.

You'd actually assume that more cases infected in the first couple of days would emerge plus everything following.