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Gerontocracy alert

the Dem debate pretty well overshadowed Trump's Baltimore Nuremburg rally but he appeared tired and disoriented, as he has increasingly.

I don't think Biden was ever well built for rapid fire debate, but being on stage with a bunch of smart, fast opponents did him no favors.

Bernie appears to be in perfect command of his faculties but the fact that his speaking style always leads to losing his voice tends to reinforce the fact that he's 78 years old.

In comparison, Warren is a veritable spring chicken at 70 and she appears to have RBG quality DNA.

Looking to me like Warren/Booker, which would be a formidable ticket. Hard telling if by the time of a general election debate Trump is still around or can string a sentence together, but he can't handle a debate with her. But if he's still POTUS the strategy will be to channel the Freedom Caucus congressmen in hearings- just puff up your chest and start hollerin' about something entirely different.

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Esteemed Advisor

Re: Gerontocracy alert

I didn't watch any of the democratic clown show, but I understand that Biden called Comrade Bernie a "socialist", and MN's Amy K and another less insane clown told the crowd that medicare for all was a bad joke.

So your clowns are making some progress.

If they had any sense, they would apologize to Tulsi Gabbard and make 2020 the year of the common sense Somoan woman. Of course, Tulsi is too mainstream for the crowd of clowns.

I think Trump can dial this one in. He looked and talked like a mainstream POTUS at the 9-11 memorial.