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Get out of jail free crd

with limited time it applies.

Your dear leader has to get re-elected in 2020 or his 'stay out of jail' benefit ends and it appears more and more likely he will be charged for crimes when he leaves the position.


Michael Cohen may well be a liar, but he's a liar who kept receipts.

That may prove incriminating for his former boss Donald Trump, opening the U.S. president to a level of criminal exposure that will be hard for impeachment-leery lawmakers to ignore, and raising the stakes on Trump's 2020 re-election bid as a must-win contest for him to duck potential jail time.

Cohen testified Wednesday before the House Oversight Committee in an open hearing on Capitol Hill. The former fixer and personal attorney to President Trump shared documentary evidence with Congress that he said points to alleged criminal wrongdoing by the president.

As part of damning public testimony that characterized Trump as "a cheat," "a conman" and "a racist," Cohen presented copies of Trump's personal financial statements, as well as a copy of the $130,000 US wire transfer to adult-film actress Stormy Daniels' attorney and a signed cheque from Trump's personal bank account for illegal "hush money" payments in 2016 to Daniels to cover up her alleged extra-marital affair with Trump.

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Re: Get out of jail free crd

the bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton and Obama still haven't been completed, think it might be some time before you ever see it?

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Re: Get out of jail free crd

STORM   Clouds   -  KARMA   -  UT - OH   -  ? 

Re: Get out of jail free crd

When is the Trump DOJ going to appoint a Special Prosecutor to look into those criminals?  When are the relevant or proper Senate (GOP controlled) Committee going to hold hearings regarding their misdeeds?

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I get confused

so now its no longer Russia Russia RUssia, but we are back to paying $130000 to a porn star? And again, that is a crime because of what?


Ann lays out the basic fact pattern here pretty well.